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Meat Costing Professional Home Page
Meat Costing Professional Home Page
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Meat Costing Professional Home Page
Meat Costing Professional Home Page
Meat Costing Professional Home Page
With the ever changing cost of meat, professional butchers need to know what they are making in profit on all butchered meat cuts.

Now with the easy to use Meat Costing Professional software your task is completed in minutes.

Meat Costing Professional does what it says on the label, prices your meat quickly and effeciently and more!

Meat Costing Professional - Originally written by a butcher for butchers.
When the cost of your meat from your meat wholesaler rises what do you do with the individual selling prices of the cuts you butcher from the carcase. Use a rule of thumb method adding a few pence or cents to your selling prices?

With Meat Costing Professional you can see exactly how an increase in the cost of meat to you effects your profit margin. Not only that but if your meat buying cost goes up (or down) then Meat Costing Professional can calculate what you need to sell individual meat cuts at to maintain your profit margin.

You might already use a spreadsheet for this task but can you hold special offer prices and calculate selling prices around them. Probably not. Meat Costing Professional can quickly and easily.

Meat Costing Professional is guaranteed free from viruses, spyware and adware.
Save unlimited meat cost and selling price data
30 day Money Back No Quibble Guarantee
Price for Meat Costings Professional is 49.99 GBP - 59.99 EUROS - 79.99 USD - 79.99 CAD - 79.99 AUD
Look how easy to read the interface is. The black cells are the data you can enter the rest are calculated by the program. The example shows a costing for a hind quarter beef but remember Meat Costings Professional can be used to cost any meat, including beef, lamb, pork, chickens even kangaroo's and wild game meat. Works with pounds or kilo's and cwt's in any country and currency.
Enter here the cuts you butcher from the carcase
Do a block test and enter the weights here. Enter decimal imperial or metric.
Enter your cut selling prices catering, wholesale or retail
Check any prices you want to hold when you enter a new profit margin
This is where you enter the carcase details
Meat Costing Professional Features
* Unlimited number of meat costings
* Up to 20 cuts per meat costing
* Works for any country
* Works for any type of meat or poultry
* Proportional new price allocation
* Selling prices can be held
* Can calculate target buying price
* Calculates cost prices per cut
* Stock checking feature
* 9 print options including price lists
* Instant display
Using Meat Costing Professional
Using Meat Costing Professional is very easy. Everything you need to do is done from the interface shown above.

To get started you perform a block test on your carcase, the program can print blank block test sheets to help you. Enter all the details as shown above and the software will calculate what your profit actually is. When the cost price of the wholesale meat rises or falls then you can force the profit to your required amount. The meat cut selling prices are updated proportionately to reflect the new profit requirement. This means that if cut A is twice the price of cut B then this remains so.

If you need to hold prices, say to stop a meat cut going over a certain price, then a simple check in the hold box next to the selling prices does just that. Prices are updated around the held price.

You may also need to see how putting on a special offer effects your profit margin and whether you need to up the price of other meat cuts to maintain your margin. Meat Costing Professional shows you quickly and easily.

If you are convinced that Meat Costing Professional will cut down your time working out meat retail prices then click here to download the full version. Payment is made by PayPal and once approved you will be taken to our download page for instant use. If you think the program is not for you then we offer you a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee.

if you have any questions then click here to contact us.
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Remember, we give you a no quibble full money back guarantee with your purchase of Meat Costings Professional, however if you would like to see the program then download our trial version. It's fully functional but you are unable to save any changes or new meat price costings data forms.
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